Engineering. Technical design. Mapping. Permitting. Helping you build the digital twin model of the physical world

Accurate data is the foundation of public administration. Efficient planning processes and development projects are based on maps and 3D models. Heveco has experience in creating and developing spatial databases and products that fulfill the public sector’s scope.
We guide our clients through the standards and requirements of the projects. Building geospatial data capacity in municipalities is essential for planning, developing, and managing infrastructure and assets. Our capabilities for multisource data presentation are offering municipalities new insights and helping them to estimate future growth demands and analyze critical matters requiring attention. Land surveying plays an important role in the planning and execution phase for most infrastructure and construction projects around the world. The technique determines the accurate geographical three-dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them. Land surveying ensures the accuracy between digital models and the physical world.
Advanced GIS technology and geospatial data give governments and their citizens access to the information they need to make more knowledgeable decisions to build safe, healthy, and resilient communities. We proudly carry a lot of experience in large mapping, modeling, and analytics projects.

Utility surveys are an essential part of any design and pre-construction works as they can help to reduce risk, avoid delays, save money, and find potential health and safety issues. Getting suitable land will often determine the viability or profitability of a project. Our unrivaled combination of commercial, strategic, tactical, and technical land analysis can enable many projects, and our independent approach gives you the best possible chance of achieving the right and viable land. We are living in a digital world, where the digital model of the physical asset is the standard. Design, construction, and maintenance are done in 3D, which saves costs and increases efficiency. We have extensive experience in processing geospatial data into 3D models of cities, infrastructure, buildings, terrain, seabed, etc.

Heveco brings engineering intelligence into a digital and futuristic world. The rapid changes we all face make us focus on helping the world with tomorrow’s challenges. Our vision is about the future update to Industry 4.0 Digitalization and environmental development. Capturing assets in the real world and putting them in “one-click” digital information, will be a habit for every interface with the exterior. All types of asset inventory and complex features can be present everywhere in the world and be part of the normal design and engineering processes. Innovation and performance are now the piles of our digital path to help clients in everyday challenges and are the key to optimizing workflow and workforce management. From Energy to Infrastructure and Environment to Grid Connection, we collect geospatial data in 3D shape to deliver a rapid, accurate and smart solution.

Heveco brings digital innovation in Oil & Gas, Hydrogen engineering, project management, infrastructure, and power grids. The digital twin model is one of Heveco’s approaches and our geospatial department is dedicated to offering the first layer of digitalization, bringing essential 3D and 2D accurate data. The technical design comes to complete the entire solution and the permitting department is bringing a solid kickoff for the client’s investments.

Heveco recruitment generates a team that has very good communication knowledge and skills, and many years of experience in their disciplines necessary to bring the very best out of our clients. They are supported by our operations, finance, and business development teams who give them a robust, safe, efficient, happy and profitable environment from which to consistently deliver extraordinary results for our clients. We value each and every one of our customers and cannot express our gratitude enough for their ongoing support.